A 20-year-old who spat in the face of a police officer has been put on probation for two years.

Brogan Keith Misselbrook kicked another officer and broke another one's watch while he was arrested on two separate occasions.

He pleaded guilty to theft, being drunk and disorderly, property damage, two counts of assaulting a police officer, and two counts of resisting arrest.

We previously reported that Misselbrook went to Ellan Vannin Fuels on Peel Road in Douglas on August 17, at 1.49am.

A staff member said that he was bleeding heavily from a hand injury and asked to use a sink.

After doing so, he picked up a packet of crisps and left without paying and started to eat them outside on the garage forecourt.

Misselbrook, who lives at Murray’s Road in Douglas, was still bleeding but then got into a car driven by someone else and left.

Staff called the police, partly out of concerns for his injury, and officers spoke to the defendant on Peel Road, where they offered to give him First Aid.

He refused treatment and left the scene in the vehicle.

The garage CCTV was checked by police and also showed the defendant make himself a hot drink at the shop’s drink machine, take a sip of it, and then leave it, before walking out without paying for the crisps.

Police later located Misselbrook in Andreas and arrested him.

However, he started to swing his arms around, trying to break free.

Officers had to request back-up as the struggle continued, and Misselbrook then spat in the face of a female officer, with some of the spittle going in her mouth.

He was restrained using Pava spray but then kicked another officer on the thigh.

After being taken to police headquarters, during an interview, the defendant answered ‘no comment’ to all questions, but handed in a prepared statement.

In it, he said he had been drinking all day and didn’t remember spitting at or kicking the police officers.

The officer who was spat on had to go to Accident and Emergency to be treated.

On December 10, at 3.20am, police were on patrol at Bowring Road in Ramsey when they tried to speak to Misselbrook.

He ran off but was then found hiding in a shed at Gladstone Avenue.

Officers described him as foaming at the mouth, slurring his words, and having dilated pupils.

Misselbrook was taken to the police station but a drug search found nothing and he was told he could go.

However, as he was leaving, he ripped up a copy of the search document and said: ‘What’s your problem?  F*** off.’

He started shouting and swearing and when warned about his behaviour, replied: ‘If I say f*** off again what are you going to do?

‘All my boys are going to f*****g have you like.  D*ckhead.’

Misselbrook started banging on the door outside the station and picking up a phone, then smashing it down.

He was subsequently arrested again and put on the ground as a struggle ensued, which resulted in a police officer’s Apple watch being broken.

The court heard that Misselbrook was already subject to a two-year probation order, imposed in November 2021, for offences of threatening behaviour and provoking behaviour at the Mitre Hotel in Ramsey.

Defence advocate James Peterson asked the court to follow the recommendation of a probation report for further supervision.

Mr Peterson also referred to a psychiatric report, saying that his client had a great number of issues, suffering from anxiety, as well as having issues with alcohol and substance misuse.

The advocate said that Misselbrook was vulnerable in his own way, and that prison would introduce him to people who may take advantage of him.

Magistrates also ordered the defendant to pay £214 compensation for the broken watch, £50 to the officer he spat at, and £125 prosecution costs.

He will pay those amounts at a rate of £10 per week, deducted from benefits.