The Isle of Man Steam Packet has announced that Manannan journeys to and from Liverpool are set to have longer sailing times for the rest of this year.

Earlier today (Friday, September 15), it was announced that the Manannan sailings from Douglas to Liverpool and back had been brought forward to accommodate the schedule for longer journey times as a result of 'operational reasons'.

Today's Manannan sailing from Douglas to Liverpool was brought forward from 3pm to 1:30pm, while the return journey from Liverpool moved from 7:15pm to 6pm.

The Steam Packet has now confirmed that these longer journey times are the result of the loss of one engine, with the vessel now running on three engines rather than four.

The Steam Packet's statement reads: 'Assessment of the recent damage to one of the engines is ongoing, but initial investigations suggest it will require a full rebuild.

'The vessel will therefore continue to run on three engines for the remainder of 2023, resulting in an increased crossing time of approximately three and a half hours.

'In order to reduce subsequent delays on the evening sailing, the company has decided to depart Douglas earlier in the day.

'Information about Manannan sailings will be communicated to customers via text and email.'