The Manx Acoustic Shooting Club, established on February 13 2014, commemorated its ten year anniversary with a ‘them and us’ shooting competition.

This club has provided a platform for individuals who are blind or visually impaired to engage in target shooting.

Acoustic shooting, tailored for individuals with visual impairments, employs specially adapted target air rifles equipped with sights and sensors. These sights emit sound signals whose pitch alters, enabling shooters to pinpoint and aim at their targets.

Celebrating ten years, the club invited guests to participate in the ‘them’ team. These guests were figures such as Rob Callister (Onchan MHK), Mark Christian (chief fire officer), Dan Davies (chief executive of the Department of Home Affairs), Dawn Kinnish (MLC) and John Philips (police superintendent).

The ‘us’ team consisted of club members such as Angela Bridson, Roger Ingrey, and Bridget Le Moignan, with additional support from two fire officers.

Lady Lorimer was also in attendance, although she was unable to stay for the competition.

A spokesperson from the club said: ‘The club has achieved notable success over the past decade. Notably, it has fostered talented shooters, with several members earning prestigious medals from the National Small-Bore Rifle Association (NSRA) “visually impaired shooting” league.

‘Regular club sessions, typically held twice a month, attract an average of 12 dedicated participants.

‘In 2023, Sight Matters organized 23 shooting sessions at Corrin Court, the organisation's headquarters, comprising 164 individual shooting sessions lasting approximately an hour. Participants fired over 4000 shots at more than 800 targets during these sessions.

‘Under the supervision of Dave Wilson, Sight Matters' accessibility and technology lead, the competition went ahead without a hitch. It was a proud moment for Sight Matters as the "us" team emerged victorious, although the "thems" provided stiff competition.

‘Beyond celebrating a decade of progress, the competition showcased the remarkable achievements of club members when equipped with appropriate resources and support. It underscored the transformative impact of inclusive initiatives like the Manx Acoustic Shooting Club.’