A Manx artist is currently working on a rendition of the animated character, Morph, for an art trail in London.

Amanda Quellin, who recently finished designing a bench for a coronation public art trail, has been commissioned by Aardman and Sky to design the sculpture for the trail.

Aardman are working with Wild in Art and are doing trails in various locations across the UK this year.

Morph is a cartoon character created by Aardman studios and first appeared on the BBC in 1977.

Ms Quellin was selected to paint Morph as a Yeoman guard, or a Beefeater, a design she made for the trail.

She said: ‘I chose to draw that particular design because the trail is on during such a historic period, I wanted to do something that kept with the Royal theme.

‘The Yeoman guards are the Kings bodyguard and the oldest British Military corps in existence.’

Ms Quellin is also painting another Morph commission for Aardman animation and Sky, and a plain Morph which is used on the trail should any of the other models have to be removed for repairs.

The free family-friendly trail will stretch across the British capital, putting colourful Morph statues outside some of the most popular London landmarks, including London Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Tate Modern Art Gallery, St Paul’s Cathedral and Borough Market.

The Wild in Art Morph trail is in partnership with Aardman animation and Whizz kidz, a charity for disabled children, making it the first wheelchair accessible trail across London.

The trail will be designed by a variety of artists to ‘excite and inspire people of all ages’, the trail is also to raise awareness of the need for young wheelchair users to be mobile, engaged and included in society.

As well as doing large commissioned pieces for various companies, Ms Quellin also runs a business called Graffiti Zoo, which can do smaller scale arts trails using mini sculptures as well.