The health service is ‘under pressure’.

Manx Care has just confirmed that it will be reopening the Covid ward at Noble’s Hospital.

It stated this is due to ‘the current level of community spread of Covid-19 within the Isle of Man’.

It is hoped the hospital will be able to maintain all outpatient clinics plus its elective programmes, but they are cancelling all non-essential training to ensure staff are free to work shifts if possible.

The healthcare provider blamed staff absences, stating they are affecting the normal running of the hospital, and it is pleading for allnon-ward based clinically registered staff to work extra shifts.

The numbers of staff absences have also increased due to Covid, self-isolating or illness.

It comes after masks were reintroduced earlier this week.

With effect from Wednesday, March 9 the use of face masks widened across Manx Care settings with updated visiting polices coming into place.

Manx Care chief executive Teresa Cope said: ‘Noble’s Hospital is under pressure. We are currently at Opel 3* so have issued a request to all clinically registered staff to work extra shifts.

‘We hope this is a temporary measure but will be reviewing the situation regularly and updating the public with any changes.

‘Living with Covid means just that, figures will fluctuate but we need to protect our patients and staff while ensuring essential services continue to run.’

Manx Care is encouraging people to approach their pharmacist for help if possible, and to visit the Minor Injuries Unit at Ramsey District Cottage Hospital rather than the ED Department at Noble’s where applicable.