Manx Care has issued a statement amid a number of reports of 'abusive behaviour' directed at staff.

The healthcare provides says it has received reports from workers about 'aggressive behaviour' from some patients.

Manx Care has also received a number of abusive social media messages on its online channels as well as unpleasant answerphone messages.

The organisation has now hit back to remind patients that similar behavior will 'not be tolerated' and could to people being ejected from Manx Care facilities - or made the subject of an investigation.

The statement issued online reads; 'We are receiving a number of reports about abusive behavior experienced by Manx Care colleagues across our services – in-person, via social media and on answerphone messages.

'Our colleagues work hard to ensure that your needs are met, sometimes under pressure and in very busy conditions.

'Aggressive behaviour and abusive messages will not be tolerated, and anyone conducting themselves in this manner will be asked to leave the premises if applicable, or may be subject to investigation if online or via the telephone.

'We understand that people may have concerns and complaints, and always welcome your feedback, however we can only engage with you if you behave in an appropriate, non-abusive manner.

'Please be patient with our teams - they're working hard to help you.

Manx Care people can raise concerns about services with the Manx Care Advice and Liaison Service (MCALS) via the phone (01624 642642) or via email ([email protected]), between 9.30am and 4pm every weekday (excluding public holidays).

The MCALS phone number is a freephone number.