There were more than 180 entries in the Manx Bantam Fur and Feather Society annual show.

It took place at Braddan Commissioners Memorial Hall in Union Mills on Sunday.

Visiting judges were Chris Parker from Preston, who judged bantams, ducks and pigeons; and Dorothy Gallagher from Bolton who judged rabbits and guinea pigs.

Chris, a Poultry Club ’Panel A’ judge, had recently returned from a tour of judging in South America. Margaret Faragher, of Ramsey, judged the cats.

The stand out results included Tina Jauncey, from Bride, who took top honours in the bantam and waterfowl sections with her ’spotless’ white call duck. Best pigeon went to a very fit and stylish West of England tumbler owned by visiting exhibitor, Lisa Ball from Lancashire.

Best rabbit went to a fine and shapely red eyed white Polish buck owned by Alex Hogg of Douglas.

Best guinea pig was won by junior exhibitor, Eva Moore Spencer of Onchan, with her impressively-shaped short haired female.

Best cat went to a white Manx female in lovely condition owned by Ernest Clague of Regaby.

Andreas village hall is the venue for the next two local shows.

Onchan Fur & Feather Society’s Show takes place on January 12 followed by Ramsey Fur and Feather Society Show on February 2.


Bantams -Mrs Morton Cup for best bantam/waterfowl and Millennium Trophy for best bantam current year bred: Tina Jauncey; Quayle Fur & Feather Cup for best bantam/waterfowl of the opposite sex and Rare Breed Plate for best rare breed: Nigel Taylor; Ballaugh Cup for best hard feather and J K Brierley Cup for best trio: Lisa Ball; R G Morton Cup for best soft feather and Don Storey Plate for best soft feather true bantam: Jackie O’Sullivan; A F O’Sullivan Cup for best bantam exhibit by a junior and Young Fancier Cup for reserve: Heidi Rushby-Smith.

Pigeons - T A Callow Cup for best pigeon in show, The Dale Cup for best pigeon in show, Creer Cup for best fancy bred by exhibitor and Turpin Cup for best tumbler: Lisa Ball; The Turpin Bowl for best young bird: Ben Corcoran.

Rabbits - The Swann Memorial Cup for best rabbit in show, Craig Trophy for best fancy rabbit: Alex Hogg; The Teare Cup for best angora or lop: Mike Maddrell; The June Edge Cup for best novice exhibitor and MW Maddrell Cup for best junior exhibitor under 18: Alistair Ronan.

Guinea Pigs - Quirk Trophy for best cavy, The Kneen Shield for best self-coloured cavy and Junior Cup for best junior in cavy breed classes: Eva Moore; Swann Bowl for best child’s pet cavy: Cav Sweeney.

Cats - Twinning Cup for best cat in show and The Clarke Cup for best Manx cat or kitten in show: Ernest Clague.