The latest Marine Conservation Society Report has given an improved rating for Manx King and Queen Scallops.

The report, published annually, has been welcomed by Michelle Haywood, political member for the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture.

It has placed Manx King and Queen Scallops on the amber list in its Good Fish Guide, which measures how much fishing for them impacts the environment.

It means the scallops have shown improvement in terms of sustainability.

Dr Haywood told Manx Radio that it’s good news for Isle of Man-produced shellfish seafood.

She said: ‘This report’s been running for a number of years now and it’s excellent news that we’re actually improving on our scores that are on that report and that we’ve got some new fisheries included this year that weren’t included last time as well so the crab and lobster fisheries have also been rated and they’re coming out well too.’

Chief executive of the Manx Fish Producers Organisation David Beard added: ‘We did feel our ratings were wrong in previous years, down to the fact they have not asked for enough information from us.

‘I think now that we’ve had really good discussions with people that decide these ratings they’ve realised we’re managing this in a sustainable way, so it’s really good they recognise that.

‘We’ve got sustainable management practices and in the last three years the stocks have increased in biomass each year and also the number of juveniles that are coming through has increased as well and I think that’s been recognised in the ratings that we’re now receiving which is really good news for us.’