Manx Telecom recently hosted its annual ‘It’s Our Community’ awards night at its headquarters in Braddan.

The event, presented by chief executive Gary Lamb and Minister for Enterprise Tim Johnston, ‘recognised outstanding community contributions and highlighted the pressing issues faced by charities and voluntary organisations’.

A total of 21 organisations were recognised during the awards, including Stand Up to Suicide, Manx Mencap, Isle of Man Darts Organisation, Housing Matters, Noble’s Bowling Club and Victim Support among others.

A spokesperson from the event said: ‘This year’s application round saw an impressive 60 applications, showcasing the continued commitment of the community to instigate positive change.

‘In a climate where challenges persist for charitable entities and the public alike, the awards continue to be a source of inspiration and support for those dedicated to making an impact on the Isle of Man.’

During the ceremony, tributes were paid to Marg McGee (pictured), who organised and was the ‘driving force’ behind the awards for many years.

Marg, who worked for Manx Telecom, died last year and Mr Lamb announced that the awards will now be named after her in her memory.

The official relaunch is scheduled for later in 2024 when the awards reopen for applications, with organisations of all sizes encouraged to apply.

Mr Lamb said: ‘Marg was a driving force behind these awards, passionately advocating for the smaller charities striving to make a difference.

‘Her absence is deeply felt, but her spirit lives on in the very essence of these awards.

‘The newly named “Marg McGee Community Awards” will carry forward her legacy, a legacy of community service and dedication to making the Isle of Man a better place for all.

‘We look forward to relaunching these awards later in 2024, and we are committed to ensuring that Marg’s vision continues to shine brightly in the future.’

Continuing to talk about the event, Mr Lamb said: ‘We come together to celebrate the remarkable individuals and organisations that form the backbone of our community.

‘In a world facing unprecedented challenges, the resilience and dedication displayed by these community champions is truly inspiring.’

Acknowledging the increase in mental health-related applications, Mr Lamb said: ‘The growing awareness and concern for mental health within our community is evident, and it reinforces the importance of the initiatives supported by the awards.

’We stand united in our commitment to fostering a community that is not only safer and happier, but also more inclusive.’