The Manxman has returned to service this morning with a return trip to Heysham.

The Steam Packet's new flagship had to return to Douglas on Sunday (October 8) during its journey to Heysham due to 'operational issues'.

A spokesperson from the Steam Packet said: 'The Manxman experienced a temporary issue with control systems which resulted in a reduction in propulsion powers.

'Following standard operating procedures, the engineering team managed to restore full functionality and allow the sailing to proceed, only for the same issue to recur.

'At this stage, the Master made the decision to return to Douglas rather than risk entering Heysham Port with the danger of an unknown fault recurring while in the middle of a tricky manoeuvre.'

The Manxman returned to service this morning with an 8:36am departure for her trip to Heysham, while the return journey from Heysham to Douglas is set to leave at 2:15pm.