Is the marina proposal for Ramsey’s South Beach still active?

This was the question put by Leonard Singer to town clerk Tim Cowin at the commissioners’ monthly board meeting.

Mr Cowin replied that he had received a number of phone calls from one of the people behind the scheme, Robin Bromley Martin, who appeared to be ‘still trying to push it forward’.

Mr Singer said the matter appeared to have gone very quiet and he was just trying to establish whether or not it was still active.

Last year, following a motion by Mr Singer, the commissioners stated their opposition to any housing or commercial development of South Beach that might be proposed as part of a marina proposal.

He said at the time that he felt it was important that the board’s views were made clear, not just to the townspeople but to all members of Tynwald, for the long-term protection of South Beach as a public recreational area, as it had been for many generations.