A youth worker in Onchan has received the Crosh Pobble Chonnaghyn award for his 17 years of volunteer service.

Martin Macfarlane says he is ‘honoured’ and ‘surprised’ to have been recognised for the award.

The accolade is given to an Onchan resident who does positive work for the community, with it being presented every two years.

Mr Macfarlane has predominately been involved with Kenyon's Youth Cafe in Onchan.

Talking about the cafe, Mr Macfarlane said: 'Kenyons is open for anybody who's of a high school age who wants to drop in at any time. It's about offering a facility and somewhere for them to go.

'Rather than being in the parks or the glens, it's a safe space where they can go and interact with each other.

'But the key here is an avenue of support for them to be able to work with the youth workers and talk through matters that may be on their mind. While it is a space for young people to go to, there's a lot of work that goes on in the background around their welfare and developing, supporting and mentoring young people.

'We're lucky to have so many services for young people on the island. It could be through youth schemes, schools or other avenues, but the key is to make the island a good place to grow up and offer as many services for them as possible so they can choose one they're comfortable with.'

When asked how he felt about receiving the award, Mr Macfarlane said: 'This work has always been a part of my life, and it's not something I expected to receive recognition for.

'I was honoured and surprised to be nominated, never mind to be chosen as the winner.

'It's great that they recognise youth work in Onchan, but it is all a team effort. We have a wonderful team of people who are involved in this project.'

Talking about how he became a youth worker, Mr Macfarlane said: 'My dad was a youth worker so I've been brought up through youth work from a very young age. I was surrounded by the mechanics of what goes on as I grew up. For me, it was a natural progression.

'As soon as I was 18, I was more formally involved then as a youth worker. It's always been a part of my life.'