Martin Hall has showcased remarkable endurance and commitment to charity as he pedalled a staggering 715 kilometers on a static bike in one go.

This feat, equivalent to the distance from the Isle of Man to Calais, France, mirrors the upcoming challenge faced by the Expedition Limitless 2024 team who are set to embark on a demanding journey canoeing down the Yukon River in Canada.

Their goal? To raise a substantial £100,000 for Manx Mencap, a revered charity dedicated to enhancing opportunities for the island’s learning disability community. Established in 1968, Manx Mencap has been a pivotal force in advocating for inclusivity and empowerment on the Isle of Man. Martin, chief executive officer of Atla Group, was part of the 12 Expedition Limitless 2023 team that travelled to the Arctic Circle and completed a 110km snow shoe trek. They raised an impressive £65,000 last year for Isle Listen. He won’t be travelling to North America in June, so decided to do this challenge instead.

Hall’s 444-mile cycle took place at Cycle 360 last Friday, with a second static bike set up next to him for people to pedal with him and help raise important funds.

Martin's 715km static cycle for Manx Mencap
Martin's 715km static cycle for Manx Mencap (Media Isle of Man )

As he sat down into his chair after the gruelling cycle, he told the Examiner that like any event he does it has provided some learning.

Instead of discussing his efforts, he offered some insight into what this journey has taught him, putting them in to four main headlines.

Martin said: ‘Take ownership of your resilience: Embrace difficulty and you will build resilience. Tackling something mental, emotional or physical provides growth. Find it, embrace it. ‘Teamwork: The power of teamwork. No journey is solo. The support of those donating, those that wished me luck, to the support crew setting me up, riding next to me or virtually, to those the fed me and encouraged me at each milestone. A community working for one goal. ‘Nutrition: Fuelling the body and mind, with proper nutrition and hydration provided the key to maintaining energy levels and focus, which includes mindset, throughout the event. An example no sugars (well not till the last hour) helped me function optimally. ‘Mindset: One of the most crucial aspects is to manage the mind. Positive (or more importantly not negative) self-talk, setting small goals especially as the ride went on, achievable targets, and maintaining a focus on the present moment were strategies that helped navigate the mental challenges. Invest and manage your mind 24/7. ‘And the common theme for all of these headlines. They apply every day not just a resilience building day.’ For more information on how to support the Expedition Limitless 2024 team and their fundraising efforts for Manx Mencap, visit