Onchan MHK Rob Callister is asking residents whether the Isle of Man should follow the Channel Islands and oust its government.

Mr Callister, who was sacked after just eight weeks as health Minister, posed the question on several Facebook groups and on his own page yesterday (Thursday).

It comes following this week’s Budget was announced, with a 2% rise in income tax, as well as what many have described as a general ‘declining quality of life on the Isle of Man’.

Across social media this week many have called for ministers to resign as well as a general election to be called.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan has been a member of the House of Keys since 2011, and was appointed Chief Minister in October 2021, taking over from the now retired Howard Quayle.

In the statement, Mr Callister said: ‘In recent months both Jersey and Guernsey have replaced their Chief Minister and having received so many comments in recent weeks from constituents calling for the same here, I want to ask: Is the Isle of Man really asking their politicians to follow the same path and to make a genuine mid-term change of direction in this government and this administration?’

It comes after Julie Edge was sacked as education Minister on Wednesday night, and Garff MHK Daphne Caine was announced as her replacement.

What are your thoughts on the current government? Is a change of direction needed?

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