An MHK is concerned that the costs of removing silt from Peel marina could amount to ‘millions’.

Glenfaba and Peel MHK Tim Crookall asked the infrastructure minister what is being done about the issue.

Chris Thomas explained in the House of Keys this week that specialist consultants have been engaged on this.

He said: ‘It is hoped to be able to restart dredging marina by spring 2025, or even in spring 2024.’

There is a multi-year plan in reducing levels of heavy metals produced in the Foxdale area, installing natural flood management measures across government land for River Neb, and the use of DEFA’s agri-environment scheme.

The department will monitor effectiveness to find out the most appropriate disposal of the material.

Mr Crookall worries the bill on this will be ‘millions of pounds’.

The bed of the marina has already been dredged twice in the last two years and Mr Thomas added that most material can either be recycled or disposed of.