Minke whales have returned to the waters around the island and can be viewed from various places with no need for binoculars or to be on a boat.

Mike Kelly of Imagemann Photography captured the moment kayaker Kath Giles encountered one off the coast at Port Soderick on Wednesday (September 15).

Mr Kelly is a land based surveyor for the Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch and has also been part of the survey team for Orca, a UK charity who supply survey teams that go on ferries and cruise ships to inform passengers of the cetaceans encountered on trips and amass scientific data for research work.

He said: ’These minkes grow up to nine metres long and appear on the west side of the island at this time of the year as they following herring.

’I think the first sighting was Saturday, and they have been seen every day since between the Toll Gate and Port Soderick.

’They are there at the moment, my alerts keep going off!’