An MLC has sent a copy of his Legislative Council speech on climate change to activist Greta Thunberg.

Bill Henderson gave his speech during the first reading of the Climate Change Bill last week.

It’s back before LegCo this week for second reading.

The Bill will put into law a net zero carbon emissions target date of 2050. There is also a target to ban fossil-fuel heating systems in new builds from 2025.

Mr Henderson said he was fully supportive of the Bill but he also set out ’realities to be confronted’.

’It may not be pretty and may make us feel uncomfortable, but it’s the truth,’ he told MLCs.

He praised the ’unflinching bravery’ of climate change and conservation activists around the world including Greta Thunberg for raising awareness of ’our planet’s impending doom’ and for exerting pressure on governments.

Mr Henderson said: ’The time for ignorance and making political, economic excuses is over.

’Climate change and world pollution exists and is happening right now. These events are to such an extent that we are past the tipping point, it is past the point of no return.’

He said the Bill demonstrates the Isle of Man is not in ignorance of these ’hard but desperate, ecological facts’.

The MLC said the Bill proposes sweeping changes to mitigate the effects of climate change and pollution.

This must be supported, he said, but he feared when full implementation is achieved it may be too late.

He said the biggest obstacle is ourselves, our communities and countries unwilling to make meaningful change at the speed required.

’We all say we care about our planet but when it comes to making the urgent and necessary changes required we are silent, complacent,’ he said.

’We are so used to living in our own bubbles, doing our own thing, when and how we wish. This behaviour needs to change and dramatically. We need an entire culture change as to how we live our lives.’