More than 90% of people who have used the car park at the airport have used the new app.

A total of 1,536 people have paid for parking since the system was introduced on May 24.

Of those, 92% have used the RingGo app to pay, with the other methods accounting for the remaining 8%, according to the Department of Infrastructure.

Infrastructure Minister Chris Thomas said this was a ‘good result’ but it’s important that the department continues to ensure no one is digitally excluded.

He said: ‘This is a reflection of that fact that we’re moving more towards a digital society and we all need to make sure that people are not using the airport car park just because they don’t know how to use the app.

‘Although, there were very few going into the information office, which is good.

‘However, who’s excluded from it matters just as much as the success that 90% are using the app.

‘We need to worry about the 10% of people who might have been parking in the car park and couldn’t be bothered figuring our how to pay for it.

‘Digital exclusion matters and is important to address. We need to make sure people aren’t just going and parking somewhere else because they don’t want to mess around with the technology.’

The quickest and easiest way to pay is through a mobile phone or device using the app, which can be downloaded free from the Apple or Google Play stores.

Anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone can call 825717 and use a preregistered payment card. Payment can also be made online using

A further option is available by visiting the information desk inside the airport building, providing their vehicle registration and using a payment card.

It’s not possible to pay at the desk using cash.