A campervan business is asking for planning permission to sell and advertise its business in the car park of Tynwald Hill Inn in St Johns.

CamperVannin has applied to take over a small section of the car park and says it has the consent of German Commissioners and the pub.

The business wants provision for six to eight parking spaces at the west end of the car park, and says the current untidiness would be sorted if they moved onto that patch.

The company says if the change of use is granted, it could potentially increase visitor numbers to St John’s.

In a planning statement, it says: 'Both the Tynwald Hill Inn and CamperVannin are small Manx businesses that continue to be impacted by the rising cost of living.

'This has prompted us to talk about how we might be able to help each other, on the one hand by creating an income stream from a piece of unused car park and on the other hand by increasing our visibility to the public.'