The government is working on arranging emergency shelter for people without a stable home after the closure of Graih, a charity which provided the only overnight shelter for homeless people on the island.

The statement comes after Graih, which has been running for 14 years, announced it would be ceasing its operation from September 30 with Broadway Baptist Church continuing the lunchtime drop-in service and community pastoral support currently offered by the charity.

Government said: ‘Isle of Man Government would like to place on record its gratitude to the board, staff and all of the volunteers at Graih for their service and dedication.’

‘Graih has been instrumental in the creation and provision of a space for those in our society without, or in unsuitable or unstable, accommodation. Its drop-in service and night shelter established a safe environment for vulnerable members of our community to receive support, assistance and advice to address wider issues relating to housing, work and mental health.’

Arrangements are being sought with charities and volunteer organisations to continue the interim provision of a shelter with details promised ‘in the coming weeks.’

The government also said: ‘conversations have begun to look at commissioning a permanent service to commence in 2023.’