Long-serving trustee and vice-chair of Manx National Heritage David Martin is the new Captain of the Parish of Andreas.

Government House announced that David Martin had accepted the Lieutenant Governor's request last week.

Mr Martin replaces Dorothy Sayle who died in January. Mrs Sayle served the parish for 21 years.

The MNH vice-chair has a great passion for all cultural and heritage matters.

His family are one of the oldest farming families in the island, having lived at Knock e Dhooney for more than 500 years.

A number of his ancestors have served as Captain of the Parish of Andreas, including as the first recorded Custos (Captain) of the Watch and Ward for Andreas in 1627.

The most recent of his family to serve in the role was his late father, John James Martin, who served from 1976 until he felt retired in 1980.

Mr Martin will be sworn in at a ceremony at Government House next Thursday, April 4.