Sight Matters is releasing a cookbook called ‘Food Matters’ based on recipes provided by residents.

The charity, dedicated to looking after the island’s blind and visually impaired residents, has compiled 70 recipes for the book.

It is now available to buy from the Sight Matters headquarters, at Corrin Court, Onchan, as well as the VIP store, its charity shop in Strand Street, for £15.

All proceeds from book sales will directly contribute to the charity’s work in bettering the lives of the island’s visually impaired community.

The book has been curated throughout 2023 by Sight Matters’ volunteer, Pauline Jones, in conjunction with Mannin Group, a multimedia services provider in the island, who donated its time and design skills.

Notable contributors to the cookbook include Lady Philippa Lorimer, The Right Reverend Peter Eagles, several MHKs and MLCs, as well as Sight Matters staff and volunteers.

A spokesperson for Sight Matters said: ‘The book is more than just a cookbook, it’s a local community project that brings people together through the love of food.

‘The recipes inside aren’t just about ingredients and cooking techniques; they’re a reflection of the diverse tastes and stories that make the Isle of Man special.

‘This cookbook is a simple, heartfelt celebration of our community, where everyday residents, public figures, and volunteers come together to share their favourite dishes.

‘From timeless comfort foods to contemporary culinary delights, “Food Matters” is a testament to the rich and varied flavours that define the Isle of Man’s culinary landscape. The cookbook serves as a celebration of community and the unique tastes that bring people together.’