Live music events won’t be staged at Noble’s Park and the Grandstand this TT and MGP.

The Department For Enterprise says this is one of the ‘improvements’ being implemented to reduce the impact on local residents.

The DfE’s head of production Andy Spiers has written to residents to thank them for their ‘goodwill and co-operation’ during previous race fortnights – and to outline plans to reduce their impact on them in terms of noise and traffic.

He wrote: ‘During the TT and MGP events, thousands of people travel to the Grandstand to visit the Fan Park, the Paddocks and to watch the racing.

‘The influx of visitors has a major impact on the area throughout the whole period, not just on racing days.

‘The department acknowledges this and aims to reduce the inconvenience to local residents as much as possible.’

He said the department was committed to looking for ways to improve the fans’ experience and event as a whole ‘whilst being mindful of the impact these improvements may have’.

Among the ‘improvements’ being implemented for TT 2023 would be the termination of live music events in the evening during TT and MGP.

Mr Spiers explained: ‘Whilst an element of low level music will be provided at the Trackside bar, the live performances of groups will no longer be staged.’

He said the department would work with Douglas Council to consider alternative venues during MGP.

The move will be seen as a further rowing back of government support for TT entertainment.

It will be left to Bushy’s who have already announced plans to stage their TT Village at the Villa Marina Gardens again this year.

This will include, subject to licensing, a big screen showing the races living throughout race and practice week.

The 1886 Bar hosted live music events in Villiers Square during last year’s TT but has not yet announced any plans to do the same this year.

Government has not supported the return of the TT funfair this year.

However, Taylor’s Funfairs has applied for a licence to operate the funfair on Douglas promenade from June 1 to 11.

The DfE has announced a traffic management plan that will be in place for TT 2023.

Professional event staff will be employed to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and avoid congestion around the St Ninian’s area.

There will be 24/7 support for residents should there will be issues with parking and access.

The DfE is also working with the Department of Infrastructure to look at the potential for a shuttle bus service to and from the town centre to reduce the need for on-site parking.

Additional parking restrictions could be put in place on surrounding streets to make them resident parking only.

Parking on St Ninian’s Road up to St Ninian’s Court could be prohibited to improve traffic flow.

The DfE has agreed to reduce the fields available for event parking once Douglas Council make improvements to the football pitch.

Facilities within and around Noble’s Park could be improved by installing a permanent grasscrete walkway/roadway.

There will also be a further assessment of entrance and exit options including widening of the main access point rather than using St Ninian’s Court.

Mr Spiers said: ‘The department believes these steps will greatly reduce the impact to those residents in the adjacent areas from noise and traffic issues.’

He said while steps to reduce the need to park can be considered, the need for accessible on-site parking is critical for the event.