In an era of constant corporate changes, Noel O'Reilly's 50-year tenure at Robinson’s stands out as a remarkable achievement.

Dublin-born O'Reilly joined the family-owned business in 1974, recognised for his potential at only 13 by founder Johan Horsthuis. Over the decades, Noel has become an integral part of the multi-million-pound greengrocer, which now includes fishmonger, baker, florist, and butcher departments.

As retail operations director, there are few areas within the business unfamiliar to him. To honour his milestone, the Horsthuis family organised a surprise celebration at Robinson's Ballapaddag headquarters. There managing director Janna Horsthuis unveiled a special gift: a trip of a lifetime to Japan for Noel and his family.

Reflecting on his career, Noel said: ‘Working with the Horsthuis family and witnessing the business's growth has been a wonderful experience.

‘At times an adventure, hard work, challenging and rewarding, but where the company are now and helping the latest generation take the reins is very satisfying.’