Number out of work down from 12 months go

Thursday 22nd September 2022 12:25 pm
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The number out of work in the Isle of Man is down 82 on a year ago.

Government number-crunchers say the August 2022 figure of registered unemployed was 313.

That’s up 11 people from July’s figure.

The official unemployment rate is 0.7% but, using International Labour Organisation criteria, which measures more than registered unemployed, the figure is 1.8%. Under its methodology, the number out of work is 758.

At the end of the month there were still 859 job vacancies registered at the Job Centre. Fifty-nine per cent of these were for full time positions.

The reported shortage of workers is being keenly felt in the catering and entertainment industries, where there were 208 jobs waiting to be filled at the end of the month.

Medical and health services need another 177 people.


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