A drug dealer was this afternoon told that he has led a parasite life living off of other people’s misery.

Deemster Graeme Cook said this to Mark Roberts, aged 48, of North Shore, Ramsey, before handing him a sentence of eight years and 10 months for the production and supply of heroin in the Court of General Gaol Delivery.

The court heard that the offence came to light after a parcel addressed to a different individual was reported to police.

Prosecutor Roger Kane said that an individual had grown suspicious of a number of parcels that had been sent to him.

He reported a parcel that arrived in July 2021 to police who seized the parcel.

The package contained a wax candle, which had four packets of brown substance hidden within the candle.

This was tested by the police and was confirmed to be 123.9g of heroin, with a street value of between £15,000 and £30,000.

The court heard that phone records provided evidence of Roberts being concerned in both the supplying of heroin for more than two years as well as the production of the drug.

Defence advocate David Reynolds said that Roberts has a drug dependency and has for some years now.

Roberts has had numerous relevant drug-related convictions spanning back to 1995, including the supply of ecstasy, cocaine and cannabis, the court heard.

Roberts entered a guilty plea on the morning of the trial.

In his closing remarks Deemster Cook said: ‘You were not simply the end seller you were higher up in the ladder.’

He added that Roberts has an appalling record of the production and supply of drugs.