An MHK says the government needs to provide more publicly available changing facilities with a ceiling hoist, which enable people with certain disabilities to go to the bathroom.

Douglas South Member Sarah Maltby wants to see one installed in the Sea Terminal and Ronaldsway Airport ‘at the very least’, and after this, one at the House of Manannan.

She highlighted that as it stands, there is only one government facility in the capital which has such a hoist – The Manx Museum, and this was installed after a grant £25,147 from the Manx Lottery Trust in 2018, which came about as a result of fundraising by a team of people.

The NSC does have an accessible changing facility, but it does not have a hoist and is not freely open to the public, only to customers.

Mrs Maltby said: ‘I have been in touch with many of the local authorities to see if they can encourage businesses in their constituencies to apply for the £7,500 grant from the Department for Enterprise (at

‘I have also asked the Local Authorities what plans they have to expand and develop the facilities that they own and I have had really good feedback from some of them.

She continued: This really is a kind of issue you do not fully appreciate until you find yourself caring for someone with this additional need or if you yourself become unable to safely go to the toilet without an adapted changing place.

‘There are a lot more people on the island with these needs than you may think and with the aspirational visitor numbers expected we will simply not be ready and it will no doubt be a reason why some people will not choose to come to our island.’