The One World Centre has received a generous boost from the Manx Lottery Trust, securing a grant of £21,074.

This funding injection aims to bolster the organisation's resilience amidst the challenging economic climate, allow them to expand their endeavors in fostering a fair, just, and sustainable world.

Set up in 2004, the One World Centre is a registered Manx Charity and as a development education centre, it attempts to encourage understanding and respect for the lives and cultures of all people.

The charity says this grant will allow them to promote its activities and educational value more effectively to the public, as well as potential future funders and donors.

By highlighting the impact and significance of their work, the organisation aims to attract further support and nurture long-lasting relationships. Wendy Shimmin, from the One World Centre, said: ‘Like many charities, the One World Centre struggles to find consistent long-standing funding so we are thrilled and immensely grateful to receive this award from the Manx Lottery Trust to help us plan for the future.

‘This support will empower us to expand our reach and impact by enabling us to equip our team with important skills as well as giving us the time to foster relationships with corporates, funders, and potential donors.

‘Together, we hope to continue to educate and work towards a fair, just, and sustainable world for everyone.’

Since 2010, Manx Lottery Trust has awarded over £4.2 million to local community projects in the Isle of Man.

Stephen Turner, Chairman of Manx Lottery Trust, said: ‘We are pleased to support the One World Centre with its Building Resilience project.

‘The organisation has consistently demonstrated a strong dedication to promoting global education, sustainability, and justice.

‘We believe this grant will facilitate their efforts to develop crucial skills, raise awareness about their valuable work, and ensure a secure future for their initiatives.’