Beach Buddies has completed its biggest beach cleaning week yet as it declared the island’s beaches ’are now the cleanest for 30 years’.

Beach cleans held between May 13 and May 20 saw volunteers from businesses, schools, Brownies, Guides, Cubs and a netball club give their time to remove rubbish from the island’s beaches.

Founder Bill Dale said: ’This time of the year we are usually busy, but this was unprecedented. One bank sent well over 130 volunteers alone, and altogether we had more than 200 new volunteers taking part in beach cleaning for the first time.

’To be honest, towards the end of the week I was starting to scratch my head to find beaches with enough rubbish to keep the volunteers occupied.

’Looking back, I think we can now say that our beaches are cleaner now than for a very long time, probably in 30 years.’

Mr Dale added that while the charity often sees an increase in support when the weather improves, this time, the majority of new volunteers came from Isle of Man Bank who were spread to the four corners of the island.

He revealed that over the course of the week, the charity cleared more than half a ton of rubbish from the Manx coastline.

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