The Department of Infrastructure has proposed improvements to the interior of the Sea Terminal in Douglas.

A planning application, submitted last week, proposes the fixing of the balustrading (stair railing) on the level above the departures and arrivals lounge, replacement of the old leaking flat-roof coverings and the installation of a new fire escape staircase from roof level to ground level on the Victoria Pier.

Explaining why the work needs to be carried out, the DoI says within the application: ‘Existing stairs are dilapidated and in a poor condition.

‘New Heras fencing system are to be installed to prevent unauthorised persons gaining access to the stairs.’

Due to the proposed new fire escape, the DoI also plans to move the current staircase enclosure from behind the stair tower on the pier to in front of it.

The new fire escape would also require three car parking spaces to move forward two metres in order to avoid the staircase.

The existing staircase above the baggage handling area will be removed and cleaned during the renovations to the section of Victoria Pier.

To make the fire escape easy to navigate and avoid injury to the users, the DoI will install anti-slip coating along the roof path. The balustrading on the wall on the roof will be taken off as it will no longer be required.

The application (22/01495/B) is pending consideration by the planning committee.