A new leisure facility in Laxey is set to be completed next year - and it will be built out of entirely sustainable materials.

The skate park, which will be next to the basketball and tennis courts on Glen Road, has been planned by Garff Commissioners.

Since the initial consultation in 2017, little progress was made on the project until this year, due to flooding in 2019 and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

Now, Garff Commissioners are working with contractors to complete the park, which they say is set to be ready by spring next year.

The park will be made entirely of recyclable materials and using green energy, being fortified by galvanised steel to ensure that the facilities will not be ruined if further flooding happens in the area.

Commissioner Melanie Christian said: “We’re really excited to hopefully have something in place for spring next year.

“It is made with 100 per cent recyclable materials and 100 per cent green energy.

“The equipment will be durable and hard-wearing and be able to cope with the environment that Laxey has to throw at it.”