Property developer Dandara has proposed to add three more houses to its Reayrt Mie development in Ballasalla.

The plans currently have five four-bed detached dwellings approved on plots B29 to B33.

However, in order to meet housing demand, the developers wish to change these houses to eight three-bed terraced and semi-detached houses, as these are more in-demand styles of property.

These plots are located in the phase two section of the new village, which, in total, has three phases.

The 282-house estate (perhaps rising to 285 with the new properties) was approved for construction in 2019 but since then, the plans have been altered and halted due to changes in market trends and external factors, such as the Covid pandemic.

The development has seen a major change to the surrounding area, with Dandara building a bypass to connect the new housing estate to Balthane and Glashen Hill.

Four homes on Railway Terrace have been demolished to make way for a new four-leg roundabout at Balthane which will link the new bypass that will re-route the main Douglas to Castletown A5 road from the centre of Ballasalla.

The amendment to the development, application number 23/00451/B, is yet to undergo consideration.