The owners of the Falcon’s Nest Apartments are applying to convert existing holiday flats into residential ones, citing the pandemic’s impact on tourism.

The four-storey building is not connected with the pub, but is situated behind it next to Port Erin’s railway museum.

It was previously owned by the Falcon’s Nest Hotel, but is now owned by Port Erin-based B.E.T. Phoenix Limited.

In converting the holiday accommodation, balconies would be added to front and rear of the building, with windows enlarged to provide doors to access them.

An accompanying planning statement cited the Covid-19 pandemic as a factor for the decision to move away from tourist accommodation.

’The effects on the leisure and tourism industries as a result of recent global events (and the associated restrictions on movement) cannot be overstated; it is generally accepted that recovery to the sector will take some time,’ it said.

’These factors, together with a tourism industry that was already characterised as waning in Port Erin (as referred to in the government’s Area Plan for the South), have resulted in a reduced level of occupation of, and activity at, the site.’

Those behind the application (22/00171/B) continued: ’It is considered that the re-introduction of residential use of the site (for which purpose it was originally designed) will ensure that the site is used efficiently, to the best of its potential and, in turn, for the economic benefit of Port Erin and the island as a whole.’

The statement noted that it was far more common for applications to be submitted for conversions from residential to tourism use, rather than vice-versa.

Sixteen of the existing car parking spaces will be available for the use of the units.