Plans for the Westmoreland Village development are imminent, according to the developers.

The Manx Development Corporation (MDC) set itself a deadline of the end of February to submit the plans but they have not yet been published.

A spokesperson for the MDC confirmed that the plans have been submitted but at the time the Manx Independent went to press, they had not been ratified by the planning committee and, therefore, had not yet been published.

The plans are likely to contain the results of the public survey carried out by the corporation during its consultation on the Westmoreland project, which includes the old nurses’ home.

A public consultation on the project took place at Douglas lawn tennis club and was attended by 111 people over the course of two days.

The Manx Development Corporation was set up in 2021 to develop brownfield sites, with the Treasury as the only shareholder.

Westmoreland Village would be made up of 133 new homes, including housing for key workers and seniors.

There is also plans for a community centre, which would house the Douglas 1st Scout troop, and natural play area for local children.

Carron Meyer, the project manager, said: ‘We are going to be taking members of the public’s thoughts into consideration before we put in for planning.

‘I think if we can get on-site by the end of the year we’ve done quite well.

‘We will keep doing the best we can to get things moving but that is our target date.’

Douglas councillor Stephen Pitts quizzed a committee over the development.

Speaking to the Isle of Man Examiner, he said: ‘I never knew how many properties the council was getting or even if we were getting any properties until I went to the consultation.

‘I was also told why they were being built – to release other social housing so young families could move into the larger ones and senior people could move into the accommodation on Westmoreland Road.’

MDC’s managing director Dane Harrop said: ‘We’re hopeful that the feedback we get here will help shape and change the proposals that we’ve got.

‘We have got a professional team here that will be able to answer the public’s questions and put a little more meat on the bone.’

MDC has started the development of the old nurses’ home on Westmoreland Road and demolished the old Ballacloan school site to make room for materials on the site.

The school site is included in the overall plans for the development.

The development is adopting the idea of a ‘20-minute neighbourhood’ which means all of the essentials someone would need to live would be a 20-minute return journey.

There have been questions from the public about the car-parking facilities in the development.

Mr Harrop said: ‘The location of this project means that people can make a choice, you don’t have to have a car.’