The vote for new Port Erin commissioners is taking place next Thursday, December 8.

Locals can cast their votes at the Port Erin Commissioners’ Hall from 8am until 8pm.

There are six candidates that are standing for two positions.

Dawn Curry, who runs a bed-and-breakfast in her home in Bradda, is one of the candidates standing in this by-election.

Speaking to the BBC’s local democracy reporter, who provides stories for all local media in the Isle of Man, she said: ‘From taking to local people, one of the key things is community and that’s really what I’m about, bringing the community together.’

Mrs Curry wants to lobby central government for ‘better healthcare provisions in the village.

‘The village is growing but as far as I can see, our healthcare provision isn’t growing.

Mrs Curry is a ‘big supporter of saving the Cosy Nook’ and wants to ‘give local people the building they deserve’ by having plans done ‘much more sympathetically’.

John Anslow was the only other candidate to speak to the local democracy reporter.

He said: ‘I thought it was time to put my money where my mouth was. There’s no point in sitting back and complaining if you’re not prepared to do something about it.’

Mr Anslow is the head photographer at Fat Friar Productions and has lived in Port Erin for 16 years and believes it time for ‘renewed focus from the local candidates’.

Mr Anslow’s manifesto contains eight key points, including cleaning the beach, the recycling centre and giving teenagers something to do.

The other candidates are Ian Swindell, Adele Betteridge, Hayley Fox and David Silvester.