Nominations to be an MLC close tomorrow (Friday).

So far there have been 11 nominations for the four available seats.

Individuals have to be nominated, seconded and supported by MHKs.

It is then MHKs who vote for Members of the Legislative Council.

Each member is then elected for a term of five years with no limit on how many times they can be re-elected.

Of the 11 MLC seats, four MLCs retire at a time, and four new members are then elected.

In the past, MLCs were mostly former MHKs, however this has changed over the last 15 years or so.

None of the current candidates have experience as an MHK.

The Legislative Council is the upper chamber of Tynwald where members are lawmakers, meaning they consider draft primary legislation.

The four members set to retire are Marlene Maska, Tania August-Hanson, Paul Craine and Diane Kelsey.

Of the four members retiring, Marlene Maska is the only one who is not standing again.

Below are the 11 candidates.

Tania August-Hanson was elected in 2018 as an MLC, she is a former broadcast journalist, producer, magazine editor and public relations manager.

Paul Craine was elected in 2018, and is a former teacher and data manager.

Diane Kelsey was elected in 2018, and is a former Royal Air Force aerosystems engineer officer, and a chief of staff and private secretary to the Lieutenant Governor.

Kirrie Anne Jenkins is a self-employed private equity consultant, director of Moorhouse Farm Limited, chairman of Arbory and Rushen Commissioners and member of the Southern Swimming Pool board.

Conor Keenan is currently a teacher at Ramsey Grammar School, he is a member of the school governors at Ramsey Grammar School and is the former president of the Isle of Man branch of the National Education Union.

Dawn Kinnish is the director of Equality Advisory Ltd, she has been an equality advisor for the Isle of Man Government, has lectured in law and business at the Isle of Man College and has worked in administration.

Peter Reid is the director and head of banking operations at Lloyds Bank International he has worked on legislative sub committees, and is presently supporting the Biosphere on the technical sub committee.

Marie Birtles is an assistant housing manager for the Douglas Council, and has worked across various industries including social services, finance,healthcare, probation services and the third sector.

Gary Clueit is the founder of Envirodevelopment Ltd property development and construction specialising in energy optimisation, he has had various managerial roles across technology, property and education and is a beekeeper in his spare time.

Brian Brumby is a farmer and former president of the National Farmers’ Union.

David Prictor is a qualified electrician who founded his own electrical contractor company, and has lectured in electrical engineering at Gloucester College of Technology.

Although former MHK Peter Karran has publicly stated he wanted to join Legislative Council, he is not on the list of nominees.

When nominations have closed, we will run a public poll.

We don't have photos of all the candidates.

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