An exit poll has some bad news for some established politicians, if it’s proved to be right.

The poll, conducted by schoolchildren for Manx Radio and overseen by statistician Paul Craine, says at least three government ministers have lost their seats.

The poll is just a poll. It doesn’t include postal voters. And some voters will have refused to tell the students how they voted.

So the ’results’ should be taken with a pinch of salt.

In Arbory, Castletown and Malew, Jason Moorhouse and Tim Glover are predicted to win. That would mean longtime member and minister Graham Cregeen has lost.

In Ayre and Michael, the poll says Alf Cannan is top, with Tim Johnston second. If that is an accurate prediction, Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker would be out.

In Glenfaba and Peel, Geoffrey Boot, the Environment, Food and Agriculture Minister would be out if the poll is right. In the constituency, Kate Lord-Brennan is top, with Ray Harmer, the policy minister runner up.

The other poll results:

Douglas Central: Ann Corlett and Chris Thomas.

Douglas East: Joney Faragher, with Clare Barber and Michael Josem vying for second place.

Douglas North: David Ashford and John Wannenburgh.

Douglas South: Sarah Maltby and Claire Christian.

Garff: Daphne Caine and Martyn Perkins.

Middle: Jane Poole-Wilson with Stu Peters and Alison Lynch vying for second place.

Onchan: Rob Callister and Julie Edge.

Ramsey: Alex Allinson and Lawrie Hooper.

Rushen: Juan Watterson and Andrew Langan-Newton.

These are not results. It is only a poll, so it is far from definitive.