Tynwald is set to discuss the government taking over all regional pools in the island.

The Regional Pools Strategic Plan would see the Department of Education, Sport and Culture take over the pools to secure their short-term future.

This will be done while decisions on the future of the pools is made.

In doing so, the department will develop regional sports hubs as part of a newly branded offer.

It plans to report back to Tynwald in October to show progress.

The Knight, Kavanagh and Page report has said the government needs to be ‘clear about any decision to replace the southern pool and ensure this is communicated to local users and residents’.

At Tuesday’s sitting Health Minister Lawrie Hooper will also move Manx Care’s annual report 2021-22.

Setting out the improvements the organisation has made towards ambitious targets it had set as a new independent health and social care provider, Manx Care’s report also states that it remains committed to achieving a balanced budget over the next year and beyond.

Infrastructure Minister Chris Thomas will move his department’s plan for January 2023. He will also be making a statement on the highway maintenance charter, which contains a comprehensive overview of the current maintenance regime, including essential context in relation to staffing restrictions.

It also covers the wide-ranging role played by local authorities in terms of undertaking tasks such as street cleaning, drainage gully cleaning, weeding, hedge-cutting and verge maintenance.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan will move the Island Plan 2023, which will seek Tynwald to approve the extensive document incorporating the delivery of the economic strategy.

Tynwald should also note that the strategy will be updated over the course of the administration.

Topics set to be discussed as part of oral questioning include industrial action.

Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse will ask Education Minister Julie Edge if any action has been taken to introduce legislation to prevent industrial action in schools.

It comes after teachers’ union NASUWT took strike action on Wednesday but suspended it yesterday (Thursday) ‘as a gesture of goodwill’ and to ‘enable further negotiations to take place’, according to the union.

The next strikes are on February 15 and 16.

Meanwhile, Manx Care has been monitoring the number of people missing GP appointments, with the equivalent of 48 wasted per day from April 2021 to March 2022 across all 11 island practices.

Mr Hooper will be asked what follow up is undertaken in relation to missed GP appointments and what any data collected has shown.

He will also be asked whether he’s satisfied with the performance of Manx Care and what action he intends to take about any shortfalls in performance.

Office of Fair Trading chair John Wannenburgh will be quizzed on what steps the OFT has taken to deal with the billing problems experienced by customers of Isle of Man Energy (formerly Manx Gas).

In October, Isle of Man Energy issued an apology after a number of complaints from residents. The company’s upgrade to its billing system was to blame and resulted in some people not receiving a bill or having direct debits taken without corresponding invoices arriving on time.

Tynwald will sit on Tuesday, January 17 at 10.30am.