The House of Keys is set to cover the decline in ships and aircraft in the island.

Douglas North MHK David Ashford wants to know from the enterprise minister what assessment has been made as to why and what the findings were.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February last year led to aircraft being ‘cancelled’ from the Isle of Man Air Registry.

It was part of a crackdown on Russians’ business interests.

The government said at the time that a lot of work had taken place and continued to ensure businesses in the Isle of Man carefully reviewed all financial connections with Russian individuals and organisations, and took action when necessary.

The island then went further than UK sanctions and delisted any vessels implicated with the country.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Julie Edge will be facing a question on projected costs and the timetable for constructing mobile classrooms at Castle Rushen High School.

A new mobile classroom has been proposed for the school, with the new outdoor facility planned to have two classrooms and toilet facilities.

In a House of Keys sitting in December 2022, Ms Edge said that design work for construction of a new high school on the site would come ‘within 12 months’ after a report found the current building to be ‘not fit for purpose’.

She will also be giving the reasons for the potential land purchase at Arbory School being increased to one acre.

The minister will be asked why there are no covenants on any purchase.

Health Minister Lawrie Hooper is going to tell members whether there are any plans to introduce a reduced cost hormone replacement therapy prescription prepayment certificate.

This has now been introduced in the UK and Mr Ashford wants to know if the island will follow suit.

Mr Hooper will be asked what consideration has been given to creating a central electronic GP appointment booking service.

Mr Ashford is looking to find out if the department would possibly increase the use of self-referral for certain services and wishes to know what progress has been made.

The health minister is also going to give an update on how much has been spent so far on digital transformation of the health service and what has been achieved.

Last year, Manx Care’s chief executive Teresa Cope explained the service was undergoing a ‘digital transformation’, which was ‘critical’ to its care system.

Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse will find out how many people received Motability driving lesson support in each of the last three years.

Motability is a UK charity that enables people with disabilities to learn to drive, with any adaptations or extra controls the individual may need.

Infrastructure Minister Chris Thomas will make a statement on an aviation safety audit that his department has been undertaking, and he will be focusing on how repairs to pavements along the edges of roads are prioritised.

Kate Lord-Brennan, Minister for the Cabinet Office, will also state whether Isle of Man passport holders are able to visit India on the same terms as other British Islands passport holders.

The sitting gets underway at 10am on Tuesday.