The impact of rising telecommunications costs on the public will be addressed in the House of Keys next week.

Manx Telecom introduced a 12.5% hike in the price of broadband, fixed line and some mobile services at the start of this month.

The telecoms provider is blamed ‘ongoing, mounting global and national inflationary cost pressures’.

It said 10% of this was to cover inflation and the further 2.5% was to partially offset Manx Utilities’ planned increase in electricity tariffs.

The increases will apply to fixed line monthly rentals and call charges and all copper Broadband rentals.

It will also apply to Smart 15GB and legacy mobile tariffs as well as mobile out of bundle call, data and SMS charges to all zones.

Paper billing charges will increase by £0.50 to £3 excluding VAT.

Fibre Broadband service rental charges, the speaking clock, the low user tariff and mobile rental charges for tariffs available for new supply are not affected.

Manx Telecom said it had resisted increasing prices for as long as possible.

Chief executive Gary Lamb said: ‘Unfortunately, it is necessary to pass on some of the rising costs we are experiencing as a business so that we can maintain our services and continue to invest in the island’s telecommunications infrastructure.’

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan will be giving a statement on the recent announcement of the DHSC vs Rosalind Ranson Tribunal, which will be taken before questions.

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Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse wants to know what the impact will be, particularly on low income residents.

He will also ask Chief Minister Alfred Cannan what advice has been received on the restructuring of the Department of Infrastructure and if he’ll provide an update on proposals.

It comes after the Beamans report in 2021, which recommended an overhaul of services, which could improve the delivery of capital projects.

Health Minister Lawrie Hooper will be asked when the private patient wing at Noble’s Hospital will re-open and if he will talk about future private medical provision.

Meanwhile, Douglas North MHK David Ashford wants to know when the e-scooter regulations that he referred to in Tynwald in December 2022 will be brought forward.

And Mr Moorhouse will be questioning Minister for Enterprise Tim Johnston on how many entrepreneurs have enrolled on the micro business scheme in each of the last three years, and of these how many qualified for the funding grant.

It’s designed for new start-ups or businesses and its benefits include £6,000 funding.

The House of Keys will be sitting on Tuesday, May 9 from 10am.