A fourth nomination has been put forward for the Legislative Council ahead of the election of two new members in November.

Diane Kelsey, private secretary to the Lieutenant Governor of the island for the last four years, was pleased with the nomination.

She said: ’I am delighted to have been proposed by one of my local MHKs, Tim Glover, who was instrumental in helping me secure the necessary seconder and the support of two further MHKs.

’They, and other MHKs, have given up valuable time to quiz me on my motives and to offer advice and their thoughts - for which I am very grateful.’

Mrs Kelsey felt she would be a good fit for the Legislative Council because of her role in Manx government.

She continued: ’In recent years, I have been a public servant working closely with the Lieutenant Governor.

’I have seen first hand the contribution made by Tynwald and the legislative drafters in developing good Manx law and I believe I can now directly influence and help move legislation forward.

’Throughout my working life, I have had an eye for detail but have always tried to keep in mind the bigger picture. ’As an experienced team player, I very much like to work with others towards a common goal.

’I think these characteristics and my wide experience make me a good fit for consideration as an MLC.’

Mrs Kelsey also explained her history in the island.

She added: ’I have strong Manx connections and spent my formative years on the island in the 1970s.

’After a career as an engineer officer in the Royal Air Force, my husband and I chose to make our home here 10 years ago with our young family.’

She joins ex-Middle MHK Bill Shimmins, former teacher Paul Craine and former chartered quantity surveyor Corelli Bentham in the nominations.

l Nominations have to be in by November 4 in time for the election on November 23.