Peel Commissioners are to demolish the Reayrt Aalin housing estate.

New chair Hazel Hannan says the local authority had a ‘great deal’ of concern over it, but says it’s for the best.

She said: ‘We have a lot of social housing in Peel and we have one particular estate which has got serious issues and we have decided, whether it will happen or not, we have decided that we would like to see them demolished and rebuilt.

‘They’re about 30 years old and it’s a great deal of concern for us that this has happened to the people that are living there.’

Mrs Hannan also thinks that other issues, like the development of a new sewage plant, are not in their ‘hands’.

She said: ‘Obviously, it’s got to have planning permission and it’s going to be a long way yet to go before it’s final, but I’m ever hopeful that that’s where it will be and we’ll be able to treat sewage and we’ll have a wonderful bay again.’

Mrs Hannan also outlined what was in the pipeline for Peel in the near future.

She said: ‘We’re just gearing up now for TT and I think everything’s in place well.

‘Hopefully, everything is in place for TT and then, after that, we’ve got carnival, traditional boat weekend and markets throughout the summer.

‘There’s quite a lot of activity here at the moment.’