Douglas MHK Sarah Maltby has asked the government to look into parking around Pulrose field.

Mrs Maltby, the representative for Douglas South, has got the Department of Infrastructure to log an inquiry with a traffic technician for assessment of the area.

She said: ‘Having an asset such as the Pulrose playing field to the growing community is, without doubt, very valuable and I believe now requires investment to support the sporting community and also relieve the pressures on the residents within the surrounding estates.’

The field is currently home to two football clubs, Pulrose United and Douglas Athletic.

Mrs Maltby believes that when both teams are playing at home on a Saturday, this can cause a traffic issue.

There are also plans in the works to build a new £500,000 clubhouse for the teams on the field to replace the current dilapidated facilities.

The plans have been approved by the planning committee and building is to be started in the next four years.

She said: ‘It is really important that the field is readily accessible for all of the children and adults, some of whom represent the Isle of Man across the world in football, but sadly the current parking availability is limited and is not at all adequate.

‘The residents on the weekends, in particular within Heather and Hazel Crescent, are more frequently travelling past the playing field which creates additional traffic on the only access road leading to their property.’

While the DoI has committed to an assessment, these can take up to six months to complete, so there is no immediate fix to the issues.

Mrs Maltby said: ‘I have been in touch with the DoI previously about this area and they made a suggestion to task a parking enforcement officer to attend.

‘I am not keen on this as an option as I strongly believe the community asset should be protected and visitors should be encouraged and not penalised in this way unless necessary.’

She added: ‘I would ask that visitors take into consideration that access for buses, emergency vehicles and residents needs to be maintained at all times and I am sorry for the inconvenience this issue is causing for my constituents and the sporting community. I sincerely hope a resolution can be found.’

Douglas councillor Stephen Crellin, who has lived in Pulrose all his life, said: ‘The residents in the area have a good understanding of the issues and most of them grew up in and around the areas surrounding the fields.

‘Even though this is the case, it causes issues on match days with major traffic congestion and sometimes problems with buses and emergency services accessing routes.

‘With the possible new changing room facility being built, if approved by the council, we need to find a better solution and I am hopeful that the council and DoI will work together and provide a positive solution for all.’

The Isle of Man Examiner did contact the DoI for further comment, however it had nothing to add.