Some appointments raise questions

Tuesday 19th October 2021 1:28 pm

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Onchan MHK Rob Callister has questioned Mr Cannan’s cabinet picks in a lengthy series of posts on social media.

He ’seriously questioned’ why Mr Cannan had ’brought two people into his Council of Ministers that didn’t actually share his vision for the island or didn’t even bother to vote for him’ [Dr Allinson and Lawrie Hooper].

He added that this ’really is a slap in the face for those MHKs that fully supported and got behind Alf Cannan’s campaign last week’.

’In recent years, there is a common trend in Manx politics that the newly elected Chief Minister tries to bring outspoken MHKs into the centre circle, instead of actually putting together a like-minded group of individuals that share a common vision or direction for the island,’ Mr Callister explained.

Mr Callister also said that he had turned down the role of Post Office chairman after Mr Cannan offered it to him.

He added how he had unsuccessfully tried to persuade Mr Cannan to appoint him as either infrastructure minister or enterprise minister.

Mr Callister explained how he was simply trying to share his own thoughts about the Council of Ministers appointment process with his constituents, though he was conscious that anything he would say (after losing out on the DoI minister job) would ’be seen as sour grapes in some quarters’.

He said he thought he would be well-suited to either the DoI or enterprise role ’as these two departments are very much aligned to my election manifesto, and [are] two departments I know very well’.

Mr Callister said of Mr Cannan’s cabinet that there are ’a few excellent appointments, but there are also a few of the appointments that raise questions’.