Tim Johnston MHK has been appointed as the Minister for Enterprise.

Mr Johnston takes over from Lawrie Hooper, who had been heading up the department alongside the Department of Health and Social Care.

He will now remain as health minister.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan said: ‘I am pleased to welcome Tim to the Council of Ministers.

‘Tim has spent the last 16 months as a member of the Department for Enterprise and knows the department well, where his commitment and experience has proven invaluable.

‘With our new economic strategy, there is significant work to be done in laying foundations for investment and cementing our economic security for the next 10 years and beyond.

‘Tim will be able to draw on his wealth of experience and knowledge to help drive this forward.’

Mr Johnston said: ‘During my time as a member for Enterprise I’ve seen first-hand the complexity of our economic ecosystem and the significant role government can play in creating the right conditions for the economy to grow and prosper.

‘The world is changing quickly, and by accepting the invitation to become minister, I am looking to provide clear leadership and deliver targeted support in order to fully deliver on our plans for a secure, vibrant and sustainable future.’

Mr Johnston will remain as chair of Manx Utilities pending the appointment of a successor.