Two new candidates have declared their intention to stand in September’s general election.

Michael Leather, a retired hotel owner, will run for a seat in Onchan.

The main proposal of Mr Leather’s campaign is to revitalise the island’s tourist economy by extending a section of Loch Promenade 200 metres into the sea to generate 200,000 square metres (49.5 acres) of land.

This ’prime land’ could then be developed with modern hotels, flats, potential offices and a modern underground shopping precinct.

Mr Leather, who holds a master’s degree in commercial property development, cited the rejuvenation of Blackpool from 2000 as a model which the island could follow.

He stresses that the island was too reliant on the financial services sector, and that should this decline, the Isle of Man needs to be able to fall back on tourism.

He does not see the current Douglas Promenade works as an investment which will bring more tourism or island resident spending into Douglas.

Mr Leather added that the increased underground space of the extended prom could also generate more parking spaces, and ease congestion.

Former chair of Garff Commissioners Jamie Smith has also declared his intention to stand in the constituency, citing his experience of working with members of government during his time at the local authority.

Mr Smith said: ’We have some big local issues to challenge us, including a sewerage solution for Laxey Bay, flood protection works across the constituency, and preserving the unique communities in Onchan, Lonan and Maughold.

’At the national level we are undoubtedly facing some very serious challenges to our independence, particularly with regard to fiscal strategy.’

The general election is on September 23.