A popular Isle of Man cider business is up for sale.

Manx Cider Company, based on Stanley Road in Peel, is being put on the market by owner Benn Quirk.

He says he’d like to focus on his other business, the Victory Cafe on the Mountain Road.

In a Facebook post shared today, it was confirmed that the Manx Cider Company is now up for sale in the region of £40,000.

Included in this is all of the equipment, pasteurising, bottling, bag in boxing and around 9,000 litres of ready-to-go cider.

Describing the decision as ‘super sad’, the post added that it hopes someone with more time can make the company ‘bigger and better’, along with over 30 photographs of the business throughout the years.

The full statement read: ‘We’ve been thinking of all sorts of detailed, informative ways of putting this out there, but we have come to the conclusion that the best way to do this is to spam you with pictures of what has been the most fun little business to run.

‘Alas, however, the cafe started with an absolute bang and continues to be busy and exciting and needs all of our attention.

‘We have kept thinking, “we’ll find the time” but we have to admit that we just can't do both. So, the Cider Co is now up for sale.

‘This, honestly, is a cracking opportunity for someone who wants to do something a little out there.

‘There is so much potential, not just for the cider, but the (I hate to sound nobby) ‘brand’ type thing.

‘Being a bike loving island with oodles of tourists, some ace pubs and new food and drink places that love to support local, we know that someone could sell a load of cider and a load of merch.

‘The price (in the region of £40k) covers the cost of all of the equipment, pasteurising, bottling, bag in boxing etc. There’s also in the region of 9,000 litres of pretty much ready to go cider.

‘Benn has a wonderful contact on a farm in Hereford where he gets his apples from. He’ll happily go through all that he knows about the making of cider. There are fab cider making courses out there too - a brilliant one in Hereford. If you get in there quick, you can be up and running for the start of the summer.

‘Honestly, I’m super sad that we have to move the Cider Co on, but we want someone who has the time to make it bigger and better and reach the potential that we have always known is there. It just needs someone who doesn't have a massive cafe on top of a mountain to run.’

Those interested in the business can contact Ben on 380412.