Work on the prom won’t be completed until November.

According to the minutes of the latest strategic project board meeting, which was held on August 13 but have only been released this week, Auldyn Construction ’rejected’ the September 23 completion date.

The new completion date is November 3.

During the meeting, it was expressed that the November date was likely to be ’more accurate’.

It was also said that up to 10 days might be needed by the contractor due to the department’s requirement for surfacing of the side roads on Douglas promenade, so the contractor was advised to combine its two programmes - these being the surfacing project and original work.

Former MHK Tim Baker, who remains Infrastructure Minister until his successor is appointed, emphasised that if any works ’could be expedited, they should be’.

The deadline for construction to be completed before this was October but it’s been beset with delays since work began.

This included a defect period is a set period of time following a construction project being finished where a contractor has the right to return to the site to remedy any defects they may find.

It’s currently unclear whether the November date includes the defect period.

If it doesn’t, the work will continue on into December as it takes four weeks.

We contacted the Department of Infrastructure for a comment.

But a spokesman said it would not be able to make a comment until next week.