Public sector workers have rejected their latest pay offer and will ballot for industrial action, a trade union has announced.

Prospect, a trade union that represents multiple sectors in the island, recently balloted its public sector membership on a 5% increase in pay.

The turnout for the vote was 65% with 75% of participating union members voting to reject the offer.

Mick Hewer, Prospect’s negotiating manager, said: ‘We made it clear during the ballot process that if the offer made was rejected then we would subsequently seek their views on taking Industrial action.

‘We are doing this with a view to securing a better settlement whilst at the same time requesting further talks with the employer in order to ascertain an improved offer.

‘The result sends a clear message; our members have had enough of meaningless discussions and that has been reflected in the ballot result.

‘Below inflation pay increases year after year are not acceptable.

‘Staff shortages, low morale and a slow haemorrhage of staff leaving to seek better pay, and terms and conditions elsewhere is adding to the problem.

‘It is unacceptable for this position to continue.'

The union will soon ballot its members on whether or not they want to take industrial action after the rejection.

A spokesperson for the union said: ‘This is another step closer to the Island seeing further industrial action.

‘Teachers have already acted, nurses have indicated that they are willing to do so, and now the rest of the public sector is saying the same.’