Quarterbridge roundabout to be made one-way to traffic for day

By Gemma Nettle   |   Reporter   |
Friday 20th May 2022 9:00 am
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A damaged section of wall on the approach to Quarterbridge -

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Quarterbridge roundabout will be shut one-way on May 22 for works to take place on a collapsed wall.

Following heavy rain during the winter months, a section of a roadside Manx stone wall at the bottom end of Quarterbridge Road partially collapsed.

This wall is part of a private property near to Quarterbridge roundabout.

As an interim measure the wall was made safe by being supported by bags of ballast on the pavement until the owner could take steps to make permanent repairs.

Following investigations undertaken for the owner, the Department of Infrastructure has been informed that it will be necessary to demolish and rebuild the wall (including sections of the wall either side of the collapse).

The owner’s insurer has appointed a contractor to do the works, which will be undertaken in two stages.

Firstly, the wall will be demolished and a temporary hoarding erected. This work will take place on Sunday, May 22.

It is necessary to provide a safe working area in order to protect the contractor’s staff and the public during the demolition.

To do this, Quarterbridge Road will temporarily be made one-way for the day, from the direction of Quarterbridge roundabout to a point just north of the junction with Alexander Drive. The road will revert to two way traffic as soon as works are complete. The hoarding will be painted white to reduce its visual impact.

This work has been scheduled for a Sunday to reduce the impact to the travelling public as the volume of traffic is considerably lower than on other days, according to the DoI.

The second stage of works will see reconstruction of the wall, which will happen this summer, after the TT period.


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